Decoding The Birth Chart: Your Moon Sign

Decoding The Birth Chart: Your Moon Sign

Who wants to talk about the moo-oon??? We do!

The Science Part

The Moon is Earth’s only natural “satellite”, meaning it is the only heavenly body that has a stable orbit around Earth. It is about a quarter of the size of Earth and is 240,000 miles away – that’s 400 times smaller than the Sun, and 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun. 

Fun fact – that size and distance ratio is the only reason we are lucky enough to see total solar eclipses like we do – where the Moon blocks out the Sun entirely but leaves the glowing ring around the Sun (the corona) visible! 

The Moon formed about 4.5 billion years ago, 60 million years after the solar system began to form. Once a part of the Earth, the Moon was formed when a planet-sized object collided with Earth and flung chunks of the object and Earth’s materials into a stable orbit around the Earth. The force of gravity combined those chunks into the Moon. At that time, the Moon was a ball of glowing magma – its surface was made of oceans of lava and wrought with volcanic activity before it finally cooled into the gray dusty rocks we see today!  

The Moon spins on its own axis and orbits around Earth, just like the Earth spins and also orbits around the Sun. Unlike the Earth’s 24 hour rotation, the Moon takes 27.3 days to make a full 360° rotation on its axis. Meanwhile, it takes 29.5 days to orbit the Earth. This tight schedule of rotation and orbit actually causes only one side of the Moon to ever face us! We only ever see slightly more than 50% of the Moon’s surface from our perspective here on Earth. This is why the craters and shapes on the Moon always look the same to us. 

So while there is a near-side, which is always facing Earth, and a far-side, which is always facing away from Earth, there is not a side of the Moon that is always in darkness (sorry, Pink Floyd). The Sun always lights up half the Moon. Sometimes that half is on the near side – which would create a Full Moon – and sometimes that half is on the far side – which would create a New Moon, where the near side facing Earth is in complete darkness. The gradual shift of sunlight from the near side to the far side and back is what creates the Moon phases we know and recognize.

The Moon plays important roles here on Earth, from helping us keep track of time (the words “moon” and “month” are derived from the same root word), to helping birds navigate during their migrations, to affecting the reproductive patterns of animals and insects. Most importantly, the Moon has a slight gravitational pull on the Earth. This helps to minimize the Earth’s wobble on its axis, creating a more stable axis angle and thus allowing for stabilized climate and seasons throughout the year in the northern and southern hemispheres of Earth. 

The Moon’s gravity also affects Earth’s tides. As the Moon orbits around Earth, the water on Earth is pulled into a slight football shape by the Moon. As the Earth spins daily it passes through these bulges of water, creating high and low tides on roughly twelve hour cycles. So as the tide comes in on a beach, the bulge of the ocean’s water is being pulled closer to land by the Moon, raising the water levels where they meet the land before being pulled away again by the Moon at low tide. 

Fun Facts:

  • It was confirmed in 2020 that there is in fact water on the Moon! Despite no water being found in the original Moon landing rock samples, scientists confirmed in 2018 that there was frozen water in permanently shadowed parts of the Moon, such as the deepest points of craters. In 2020, new rock and soil samples and new testing found that there is in fact water in the sunlit parts of the Moon too. The Moon, ruler of emotions in astrology, and Water, the element of emotions, were both like, “duh”.
  • NASA is planning on sending scientists back to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo missions. 24 humans have been to the Moon, and only 12 have walked on it, all occurring during the nine NASA Apollo missions between 1969-1972. Now NASA is planning the Artemis missions, where they hope to establish the first continuous human presence on the Moon. They plan to establish a base camp at the Lunar South Node of the Moon and build a community there where they can study how humans can make life possible on other planets.

Your Natal Moon

The Moon is the second most impactful placement in your birth chart, after the Sun. If the Sun is your most authentic expression of your personality – your ego – then the Moon is your internal experience and core truth – your soul. It is a major component of who you are, what’s important to you, and what you need in order to thrive.

Your Moon sign represents your inner psyche and emotional nature. It is the energy that shapes your inner world and your true thoughts, feelings, and values. The Moon is your inner voice, both the one you speak to yourself with in your mind, as well as, the one you use to communicate with Spirit or forces outside yourself. It is the source of your soft powers, your subtle abilities to connect to intuition, spirit, nature, and the emotions of others. It characterizes many of your subconscious patterns, so plays a major role in your decisions, your instincts, and your reactions. It is the source of your creativity. It is also where you can connect most directly to your inner child and your innate divine feminine energy.

Your Moon sign plays an essential role in how you connect to both yourself and others. It can often represent how you see yourself. Since your Moon qualities are often very internal and do not always play a major role in outward expression, they can sometimes represent a true nature that only you and people who know you well have seen. The Moon sign can shape your love language, how you both receive and give love and support. 

The Moon stands at the doorway to your most vulnerable self, acting as both protector from and catalyst for emotional expression and connection. Understanding your Moon sign is key to accessing your vulnerability and developing a deep sense of self-trust. This subconscious place is also the source of your inner bravery, and characterizes how you approach obstacles and fear. The Moon sign can indicate to us not just how you might react emotionally to a situation, but also how you want to feel at any given moment. 

Benefits of Understanding Your Natal Moon

One of the ways understanding your Moon sign can be especially helpful is that it indicates your most basic emotional needs and desires. Your core needs and desires are intrinsically linked with your values and how you find satisfaction and fulfillment, so your Moon can be an excellent tool for accessing your motivation and creating meaning in what you do. It can help you create a fulfilled and emotionally centered life that is founded on your internal self, rather than external factors. Listening to your Moon helps you connect with faith and higher powers. It can show you how to best nurture yourself and harness your power on a soul level. 

You cannot use all the amazing gifts in the rest of your chart if you don’t meet the needs of your Moon first! This goes for your Sun as well. Just as the balance of the Sun and the Moon create a stable environment for life to flourish on Earth, your own Sun and Moon balance one another to create the conditions you need in order to thrive. The gifts of your Sun sign can’t show up in the world if you aren’t meeting your basic emotional needs, and the internal world of your Moon cannot be expressed without the light of your Sun’s personality and vitality. 

In summary, the benefits of understanding and working with your Moon sign are that you can: 

  • Connect with your inner child and learn how to meet their needs
  • Find new tools to help you feel emotionally regulated and secure
  • Identify what makes you feel safe and how to access your vulnerability
  • Access your inner bravery
  • Develop self-trust
  • Build a foundation for healthy relationships with others and attract those aligned relationships
  • Understand your subconscious patterns and desires
  • Identify your values and bring them into your life to feel more aligned
  • Create more meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction in the things you do
  • Connect to faith and a sense of something beyond yourself
  • Empathize with others
  • Understand the language of your intuition and how the Universe communicates with you
  • Access your divine feminine energy
  • Uncover your unique creativity 
  • Fill your cup first so you have plenty to give to others
  • Meet the needs of your internal world so you can express yourself externally

How to Work with the Transiting Moon

The placement of the Moon in the sky on a daily basis can have an impact on your emotional experiences, moods, and daily routines and activities on both a collective and personal level, based on what sign the Moon is in, what phase it is in, and how the Moon transit interacts with your individual birth chart.

Moon Transits

The Moon cycles through all 12 signs of the zodiac every 28.5 days. It spends an average of 2.5 days in each sign every month. As it moves through a sign it takes on that sign’s characteristics and has a collective influence on us here on Earth, flavoring all of our daily routines and emotional experiences with a little bit of that particular zodiac sign.  

A great way to begin working with the moon is to track your mood, your emotions, and what themes come up for you when the moon is in each sign. Watch for where the Moon transit may create aspects with other parts of your chart. For example, when the transiting Moon is conjunct with your natal Mercury you may feel like finding the words to express your emotions comes more easily. Each month you also go through a Lunar return, where the Moon transit is in the same sign and conjunct your natal Moon. This is a great time to reaffirm your commitment to real self-care and self-trust, and really power up for the next month by focusing on meeting your Moon signs core needs when it may feel most natural.

You can begin to plan your days around the Moon as you can better predict your moods and motivations throughout the month. Working with the Moon on a daily basis can help you to stop resisting the natural ebbs and flows of your emotions, focus, and motivation, and instead feel regenerated and intentional.

  • When the moon is in a water sign, emotions may be more present and heightened and we can feel a little dreamy and untethered.
  • When the moon is in an air sign we may feel more intellectual, objective, or detached, and may communicate our experiences socially.
  • When the moon is in an earth sign we may feel more stable and pragmatic and more connected to our physical body.
  • When the moon is in a fire sign we may feel more energized or motivated, we may cycle through emotions more quickly, and we may feel a bit compulsive or spontaneous.

Moon Phases

As the Moon orbits around the Earth, it goes through phases of light and dark based on its relationship with the Sun. 

The moon phase you were born under may indicate the relationship between your Sun and Moon energies and set a theme for your birth chart.

Moon phases throughout the month also help us work with the moon. New Moons, when the Moon is completely in shadow, are a great time to plant new seeds and set your manifestations for the coming month and six month period. A Full Moon is a great time to celebrate your accomplishments, practice gratitude, and relish in activities that make you feel alive and fulfilled. 

Every New Moon is followed by a Full Moon in the same sign six months later. The New Moon will always be in the same zodiac sign as the Sun; the Full Moon will always be in the opposite sign from the Sun. 

In the same way the Moon goes through phases, we too contract and expand on a regular, cyclical basis. We are both shadow and light and cannot have one without the other. Embracing these cycles allows you to surrender and deepen your self-trust and capacity for growth and expansion.

What does it mean if I don’t connect with my moon sign?

As with any part of the birth chart, you may not always identify with the placement of your Moon. There are several reasons why this might be the case, including an intercepted Moon placement or a challenging aspect with another planet in your chart. The biggest reason someone may not connect with their Moon sign, however, is that you may have had a difficult childhood. 

If you grew up in an environment where your needs and desires were invalidated constantly, you may have learned to completely ignore them, and may have just adopted what needs or desires were “okay” or “safe” to have in your home environment. If your feelings were constantly invalidated or ignored growing up by the adults around you or by yourself, you may have learned to disconnect from them and perform your emotions in only a “safe” way, which would make vulnerability, self-trust, and self-regulation very difficult. There may be some deep-seated inner child wounds or divine feminine wounds you need to explore before you can relate with your Moon sign. If this is the case for you, seek out a licensed professional who can help you explore these challenging circumstances and find your way back to yourself safely and effectively.

Your Moon House

Natal Moon house In which area of your life do your core needs show up most often?

Transiting Moon house What area of life is on your mind right now or what area of life could you focus on at this time to make the biggest impact in your daily routine?

1st House Themes: Identity, individuality, personality, motivation

2nd House Themes: Physical body, sensuality, values, worthiness

3rd House Themes: Communication, connection, curiosity, sharing the voice

4th House Themes: Home, family, healing, emotional connection

5th House Themes: Creativity, self-expression, play, pleasure

6th House Themes: Health, routine, ritual, being of service

7th House Themes: Relationships, business partnerships, social justice, the arts

8th House Themes: Shadows, transformation, sexuality, power

9th House Themes: Higher learning, spirituality and religion, freedom and travel, philosophy

10th House Themes: Career, public image, achievement and ambition, reputation

11th House Themes: Community, revolution, humanitarianism, innovation

12th House Themes: Subconscious, intuition, the liminal space, spirituality and retreat

Your Moon Sign


Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

People with their Moon in the sign of Aries may be confident, assertive, and bold. They are naturally motivated by excitement, novelty, competition, and risk, and love to push themselves to try new things. They are here to learn and teach others how to build a true, empowered sense of self-authority, and to make self-discipline fun.

Aries Moons may feel or express their emotions in an honest, direct, and childlike way. They know what they like and want, and there is no hiding what an Aries Moon feels! They tend to react from instinct without prior reflection or a filter, and can move through emotions quickly.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Aries have a core need for excitement and freedom. They are filled with passion and enthusiasm, and need a regular outlet to express those feelings in order to avoid becoming anxious or creating conflict for conflict’s sake. Aries Moons need alone time and space for independent projects. If an Aries Moon is feeling frustrated or bored, they may create problems with others just for the excitement. A bored Aries Moon may burn it all down just to feel something. Instead, they would benefit from finding a new, exciting hobby where they can exert their independence and take risks in a safe, controlled environment. Lastly, because they are filled with intense cardinal and fire energy, Aries Moons need a regular movement practice like a high-intensity workout where they can really sweat it out!

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

People with their Moon in the sign of Aries can move so quickly from one emotion to the next and with so much gusto that they can be judgmental of weakness or sentimentality in others. They must learn to make room for vulnerability and different perspectives, which will allow them to accept their own vulnerabilities as well. 


Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus

People with their Moon in the sign of Taurus may be trustworthy, stable, and reliable. Intensely grounded to the physical plane, they are capable of keeping their cool and can make others around them feel relaxed and safe. Taurus Moons desire comfort and security and make faithful, sensual companions.

Taurus Moons may feel or express their feelings in a grounded, physical, and sensual way. They are the zodiac sign most in touch with the physical world and the physical body, and are the most likely to experience bodily emotional reactions as they move through their day. They may describe their emotions by what their body feels like.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Taurus have a core need for pleasure, sensuality, and beauty. Connecting with the five senses, their physical space, and their body is essential for a Taurus Moon. They have innate artistic talents and need creative and sensual outlets to engage with beauty and connect with pleasure. The home can be an externalization of the internal world for a Taurus and they need their space to be beautiful to help them feel secure through the things they see, smell, touch, hear, and taste.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

If a Taurus Moon feels rushed, unsafe, uncertain, or misaligned, they can be stu-bborn! Taurus Moons can really dig their heels in, hold onto their opinions too tightly, or become emotionally rigid and resistant to change. They need the space to take their time with decisions and with change. In order to stay adaptable and be open to change and growth, they need to be able to make decisions grounded in their five senses, feel into changes with their body, and create security within themselves before being able to take steps outwardly.


Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

People with their Moon in the sign of Gemini may be fun, intelligent, and curious. They are often gregarious and outgoing, and love to make new friends and socialize with all kinds of people. They are able to see things from many different perspectives, and their curiosity drives them to understand concepts deeply. They are comfortable being both a novice and an expert. 

Gemini Moons may feel or express their feelings in a social, restless, curious way. They tend to process emotions out loud in conversation with others. They may not even know what they are thinking until they’ve voiced it aloud, and even then they may not really connect to a feeling beyond the intellectualization. 

Core needs: People with their Moon in Gemini have a core need for intellectual stimulation, socialization, and variety. They need environments and communities where their curiosity is accepted and encouraged. They need the space to adapt and change often, freely and without judgment. Gemini Moons need outlets for their wit and banter and people who can serve as sounding boards while they process their thoughts and ideas. They need to express their thoughts through writing, speaking, teaching, or any other means of communication.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

This busy, buzzy brain of Gemini Moons can sometimes lead them to overthinking, overanalyzing, and excessive worrying. Without an outlet or a fail-stop for a train of thought, Gemini Moons can think themselves into an anxious mess, sometimes convincing themselves that others do not like them or do not want to hear what they have to say. They must work to remember that their people will like them just as they are, regardless of what new interest or idea they have to talk about that day. Gemini Moons must remind themselves that their curiosity and gift of gab are, in fact, gifts! And if they can quiet their minds for just a moment they can hear the universal truth that they are loved just as they are.


Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: The Moon

People with their Moon in the sign of Cancer may be caring, maternal, and nurturing. They are deeply sensitive and empathic, reading the emotions of others with ease. They love caring for and helping others. They create a comforting environment wherever they go, and a Cancer Moon’s home is often a sanctuary of peace and coziness. They love spending time with friends and family.

Cancer Moons may feel or express their feelings in a fluid, tender, obvious way. They not only wear their emotions on their sleeve, but as their whole outfit – emotional presence is the very nature of a Cancer Moon. 

Core needs: People with their Moon in Cancer have a core need for connection, quiet, and comfort. They need physical environments that feel safe and accepting, and emotional connections with others that feel stable and caring. Cancer Moons need to give themselves the space to feel everything that comes up for them fully and all the way through, otherwise their emotions can be at risk of getting trapped in their bodies and causing fatigue, illness and being overwhelmed.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

As a water sign, Cancer Moons absorb a lot of energy from around them throughout the day, and they have a lot of big feelings to capture. Their capacity for empathy can sometimes lead them to even take on the emotional experiences of others as their own. They can care so deeply that they end up debilitating themselves in the process. They have a lot of big feelings of their own to contain, and taking on too many emotions or experiences from external sources can push them over the edge. Setting clear emotional and spiritual boundaries is important, as well as creating a physical space where they can be without stimulation or external input. This way they can center themselves and make sense of all their emotions.


Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: The Sun

People with their Moon in the sign of Leo may be cheerful, warm, and playful. They can be affectionate, generous, and energetic. Their creativity and vibrancy brings warmth into every space they enter. Leo Moons love to be the center of attention, to entertain others, and to give and receive love and praise. They are loyal, courageous, and inspiring leaders and friends.

Leo Moons may feel or express their feelings in a dramatic, performative, and self-confident way. They can be theatrical and exaggerate their emotional experiences in order to express themselves as truthfully as possible. Finding the drama in a moment enhances the richness of their human experience and makes life worth living!

Core needs: People with their Moon in Leo have a core need for creativity, attention, and affection. Creative outlets are necessary for Leo Moons to express their energy, and they particularly benefit from creative endeavors with an audience. They need a community where they feel unique, loved, and respected. They have a real need for attention – which is not a bad thing! We all need attention to some degree, and Leo Moons give us permission to accept that very human need. Leo Moons need environments where they can be the lionhearted leader, but they also need space to be a little kitten and receive some TLC from their loved ones.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

A Leo Moon living their most authentic, expressive, creative life can sometimes rub people the wrong way. That doesn’t mean they are doing anything wrong – it just means that they can trigger jealousy in people who don’t allow themselves to be that authentic and confident. Leo Moons need to find the people who want to see them shine, and they need to keep their hearts open to the world of experiences beyond their own so that their brilliance can effectively inspire and uplift others. 


Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

People with their Moon in the sign of Virgo may be humble, helpful, and devoted. They can be selfless givers and creative problem solvers. They want to leave all situations better than they found them. Their intelligence makes them sensitive, warm, insightful, and thoughtful. They can be playful and affectionate, loyal and dependable, and unafraid of doing hard things.

Virgo Moons may feel or express their feelings in a practical, analytical, and disciplined way. When they are stressed, however, their brain can become jumbled and chaotic very easily. They can become messy and frustrated in their communication until they can reorganize their thoughts and return to their usual sensible approach to feelings.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Virgo have a core need for organization and purpose. They need things to be in their right places, and they need to know the why behind the way things are. Chaos and mess can be very dysregulating for Virgo Moon. They need structure, systems, and routine. They also need to feel of service, like their work matters and they are making a difference in the world and are being appreciated for it. 

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

Virgo Moons, with their need for order and their endlessly busy brains, can become judgmental of themselves and others for experiencing natural and normal human messiness. Emotions can feel too chaotic. They are so committed to self-improvement and growing their self-awareness that they can become highly self-critical. Virgo Moons must remind themselves that perfection does not exist, and that they deserve self-respect at all times. They must actively appreciate their own hard work and remember to face themselves with a gentle, open heart. 


Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus

People with their Moon in the sign of Libra may be peaceful, adaptable, friendly, and open. They are romantics and thrive in partnership with others. They have an inherent balance, harmony, and graciousness. They are natural problem-solvers and, with their eye for aesthetic and beauty, can be skilled artists and musicians. They bring beauty to the spaces around them and can see the beauty in all aspects of people. Capable of holding opposing ideas in one space, Libra Moons are able to hold space for the full emotional ranges of others. 

Libra Moons may feel or express their feelings in a polite, diplomatic, impact-conscious way. They express themselves best through art, poetry, design, and aesthetic. 

Core needs: People with their Moon in Libra have a core need for beauty and peace. Surrounding themselves in external beauty nourishes their soul, reminds them of their inner beauty, and motivates their creative and humanistic sides. They also have a core need for justice and fairness, and constantly seek to bring more equity into society and relationships. Libra Moons need healthy relationships and connections with people who appreciate their giving nature and artistic skill.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

Libra Moons can be so desperate to maintain peace and harmony around them that they become chronic people-pleasers. They can struggle to stand up for themselves and begin to fear confrontation and rejection, which can cause them to shape shift to meet the needs and desires of others. This not only can lead others to believe they are dishonest, but it can also leave a Libra Moon without a sense of self, unable to identify their own true desires or opinions. Libra Moons must learn to set healthy boundaries in their relationships and hold onto their sense of self. They must learn that mature conflict can be healthy and they do not need to solve everyone’s problems or protect everyone’s feelings all the time. 


Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Pluto

People with their Moon in the sign of Scorpio may be deep, intense, and wise. They can be passionate, mysterious, and brooding at times. Deeply sensitive, intuitive, and perceptive, Scorpio Moons can see right through people. They are drawn to and understand the darker sides of life that others avoid feeling or talking about. They help all of us face ourselves by fearlessly facing the unknown.

Scorpio Moons may feel or express their feelings in an intense, poetic, and alchemical way. They are capable of great emotional bravery and transformation and are extremely powerful.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Scorpio have a core need for depth in life. They need to surround themselves with tools for processing their emotions, like poetry, spirituality, meditation, and a good therapist. They need to regularly clear out their shadows and to shed old identities for new, expanded ones. They also need loved ones who accept them at their darkest and broodiest and will not abandon them, allowing them to develop trust and explore life’s intense joys as well.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

Scorpio Moons are often faced with the deepest, darkest shadows of any zodiac sign. Their emotional work can become so intense that they avoid it all together, either losing themselves in the intense yo-yos of their emotional extremes, or shutting out their emotions all together and leaving themselves unfulfilled and at risk of emotional blowups and self-sabotage. They must harness their bravery, balance their emotional extremes, and work through those intense emotions like jealousy and control. They must honor their shadows and allow themselves to feel deeply, then let go fully.


Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

People with their Moon in the sign of Sagittarius may be funny, cheerful, and friendly. They are cheerful, enthusiastic, and optimistic, making them great cheerleaders and hype-men. They love exploring and learning about nature, culture, and religion, and love to share the wisdom they’ve collected with others. They can be restless and adventurous visionaries and help others dream bigger.

Sagittarius Moons may feel or express their feelings in a frank, optimistic, and wise way. They can be outspoken and blunt, sometimes rude, when they share their thoughts. They are great storytellers and may express their feelings using stories, metaphors, and allegory.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Sagittarius have a core need for travel, adventure, and new experiences. They need to constantly learn and expand their mind, and can particularly benefit from philosophy and spiritual reflection. Their restless and antsy energy needs to be expressed physically, so exercise is important to them, especially if they can connect with nature or other cultures along the way. Most of all, Sagittarius Moons need freedom and a grand vision to look forward to.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

Because they are so restless and adventurous, and crave total freedom, Sagittarius Moons can struggle with building roots in one place or with one person. They can struggle to build intimacy and depth in relationships with others and with themselves. They can also grow frustrated by perceived limitations and with people who do not match their visionary optimism. Sagittarius Moons can benefit from learning how some boundaries and perceived limitations actually can give them the freedom to explore new realms, and that intimacy in itself can be an adventure. This true freedom can allow them to expand even further and to see that, while they may still need support along the way, the only person that needs to believe in their vision is themselves. 


Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Saturn

People with their Moon in the sign of Capricorn may be ambitious, dependable, and reserved. They often carry themselves with dignity and are respected and admired by others. They are driven and like to work towards a big picture idea, while staying in integrity and keeping true to their values. They are intelligent, wise, and observational. Their astute timing makes them great musicians and comedians.

Capricorn Moons may feel or express their feelings in a reserved, pragmatic, and controlled way. They don’t like to make a big fuss over their feelings, especially in public. They can be very traditional and may prefer to feel or express their emotions in a private, controlled environment.

Core needs: People with their Moon in Capricorn have a core need for stability, security, and discipline. They have a deep connection to family, tradition, culture, and ancestry and need to actively spend time appreciating their roots. They need a stable home life and a sense of financial security to feel safe. They also have a strong sense of values and need their work to reflect those, as well as have a positive social impact. They have a core need for long-term goals and progress. Capricorn Moons also need a regular practice of shifting their focus and connecting with humanity through music, comedy, or other kinds of entertainment. 

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

A Capricorn Moon is both blessed and cursed with their drive, ambition, and seriousness. They are incredibly responsible and reliable and can be hugely successful, but they need to make room to work on emotional expression as well. They can be very judgmental of their emotions and tend to repress them due to fear, embarrassment, and lack of understanding. They must learn to soften toward themselves and open their big hearts. Emotions and imperfections are nothing to fear and do not need to be controlled. Capricorn Moons must remember that only the opinions of their loved ones matter, and their loved ones will accept all their flaws and imperfections. They do not need to be responsible all the time, and play can be productive. Authenticity – including messiness – may feel more fulfilling to them in the long run.


Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Uranus

People with their Moon in the sign of Aquarius may be brilliant, eccentric, and intellectual. They can be rebellious, unconventional, and totally unique. Aquarius Moons have the ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture. They are great problem solvers, especially because they can view emotions from a detached, objective perspective. They are creative, inventive, and completely authentic.

Aquarius Moons may feel or express their feelings in a detached, analytical, or creative way. They are capable of letting intense emotions wash over them and pass by, feeling them fully and then letting them go. Emotional processing happens in the mind for Aquarius Moons, as opposed to the heart or body. 

Core needs: People with their Moon in Aquarius have a core need for community, innovation, and intellectual challenge. They need space to be inventive and rebellious, and to revolutionize systems with new, unimagined ways of doing things. They need to hold onto a humanitarian ideal or idea of a new world order to feel motivated. They can sometimes feel quirky or alien in the human body, so need an accepting community and a healthy outlet for all their eccentricities. Aquarius Moons teach us that what makes us weird makes us awesome!

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

Already feeling someone separate from humanity because of their perceived weirdness, Aquarius Moons can lean too far into the role of objective observer and become completely detached from others. This can make them extremely lonely and unable to build intimate connections with others. They can hyper-intellectualize their own emotions so much that they can lose empathy entirely. Aquarius Moons need to remember that the heart and body are essential to the human experience, even though they can be irrational. Aquarius Moons need to connect back into their emotional selves and to their capacity for love and intimacy. They need to find that community who will love them for their authentic selves, and open up to receive that love.


Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune

People with their Moon in the sign of Pisces may be compassionate, intuitive, and empathetic. They are often sensitive, perceptive, and psychic. They are creative multi-passionates who feel connected to everything around them. Pisces Moons are capable of seeing and understanding the world beyond this physical plane, and are thus capable of transcendent, unconditional love. They can see to the core of a person’s humanity and find something to love in everyone.

Pisces Moons may feel or express their feelings in a compassionate, intuitive, and artistic way. Their feelings may be expressed in subtle, gentle ways, but they are big and powerful emotions on the inside. Pisces Moons love to escape into fantasy and may understand and describe their feelings best using fantastical story elements. Their emotions also reveal themselves often in elaborate and otherworldly dreams. 

Core needs: People with their Moon in Pisces have a core need for art, spirituality, and daydreaming. They absorb a lot around them and need tools to digest their emotional world. Expressing their creativity through the arts helps with this, as does building a regular and reliable spirituality practice. Pisces Moons also need space to daydream without distraction or judgment. Despite being deeply spiritual beings, they do still have a human body to take care of, and need to remember to meet their bodies basic needs for food, sleep, movement, and physical interaction with others.

Emotional Challenges + Inner Child Wounds:

As the most sensitive and intuitive of the zodiac signs, Pisces Moons can feel the weight of the world heavily on their shoulders. This can lead to depressive emotions and escapism behaviors. They need to regularly clear their energy of anything they’ve picked up around them throughout the day. They also need to develop discernment and strong boundaries to protect their energy and their emotions. They need to keep one foot rooted on the physical plane and in their human bodies. They are capable of giving unconditional love, and need to remember that they deserve to receive it from themselves and others, too.