Decoding Your Zodiac Sign

Decoding Your Zodiac Sign

The Sun

To begin our series on Decoding Your Birth Chart, we are talking about the Sun! The giver of life, the reason we wake up in the morning, a deity to many and a force to be reckoned with, the Sun is essential to life on Earth and super important in your birth chart.

A little bit of astronomy – so scientific!

The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system. Our solar system is one of almost 4,000 solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy, which is one of 2 trillion galaxies in the estimated universe! Every celestial body in our solar system orbits the Sun. 

At 4.6 billion years old and over a million times the size of Earth, the Sun is a giant, glowing ball of hot plasma, gas, and nuclear fusion that generates an enormous amount of energy. This energy reaches across 93 million miles of space to us in the form of solar radiation, which generates heat and provides most of the energy required for life here on Earth. This energy also emits from the Sun in the form of the interplanetary magnetic field – a bubble of magnetic energies, pushed outward from the Sun by solar wind, that extends past our solar system and acts as a pathway for energy to move throughout the solar system. 

The Sun is so powerful that even small changes in its behavior affect us here on Earth. Conditions in space, also called “space weather”, are constantly changing based on the Sun’s activity. The Sun has its own solar cycle of roughly 11 years where it moves through phases of high and low activity. High activity, also known as solar maximum, is a time of increased solar storms which release huge amounts of energy and particles from the Sun in eruptions, flares, ejections, and sunspots. This increase of energy in the space weather can affect things on Earth like satellites, GPS, radio communications, power grids, and more. When the sun particles reach Earth and interact with gases and other particles in our atmosphere, they can be seen as auroras! 

The most recent solar minimum, or period of the lowest activity and start of the solar cycle, occurred in December 2019. The next solar maximum is estimated to occur in July of 2025. 

All this to say – the Sun is super powerful and has major effects on us here on Earth!

So we have established that, astronomically, the Sun is majorly important. In astrology, the Sun is arguably the most impactful and influential placement in the birth chart. As the Sun is essential for life on Earth, our personal Sun energy is essential for creating an authentic, rich, self-actualized, meaningful, and fulfilling life for ourselves. When we embrace our Sun placement’s gifts and qualities, we also help everyone around us embrace their own!

The sun represents your most authentic self, your true personality and the characteristics most in alignment with who you are at your core. Understanding your sun sign is key to understanding who you are, who you’re here to be, and how to share your brilliance with the world.

It is also an indicator of your greatest super powers. Your sun sign can help you understand your inner light, your vitality, your creative life force, and how to best re-energize yourself. It can indicate the best methods to practice self-care and self-love in order to meet your physical and energetic needs and increase your capacity to shine.

The birth chart is a representation of your unique gifts, lessons, and responsibilities from the universe. Our authentic, whole selves are intentional, meaningful, and important. As one of our greatest gifts, the Sun also comes with some of our greatest responsibilities. It is the desire of the universe that we express our most authentic selves and shine bright for all to see!


  • Practicing taking up space? Channel the energy of your Sun sign to draw attention to yourself and leave a magnetic, authentic impression!
  • Experiencing some fear or self doubt? Activate your sun sign characteristics, superpowers, and energy to boost your confidence and tell your ego to take a break! 
  • Feeling a little run-down? Care for your physical and energetic body through activities related to your Sun sign. 

What do Sun transits mean?

When the sun transits through a part of your chart, through a particular house or past a natal planetary placement, we can imagine that it is literally shining a light and bringing energy into that area. The Sun will draw attention to an area like a spotlight, or reveal something hidden like a flashlight. And like the Sun does for the Earth, having the Sun shine on an area of your chart brings energy, vitality, and new life force into that area!

For example, if you have Cancer in the 7th House, then when the Sun is in Cancer (Cancer season), there will be extra attention, revelations, and new life force energy in 7th house areas of your life – relationships, business partnerships, social justice – and in Cancer themes in your life – home, family, emotional needs. If the Sun is transiting your natal Venus, for example, more attention and energy will be placed on what you attract, your physical aesthetic, your love life, and your energy of abundance during the time of that transit.

What if I don’t connect with my sun sign?

This is not an uncommon experience, and there are a multitude of reasons why you may feel disconnected from your Sun sign!

  • If you read horoscopes for your sun sign, you may feel confused by or disconnected from the messages and advice presented. This is because horoscopes – like a daily horoscope in the newspaper, or information like “What Mercury Retrograde Means for Your Sign” – almost always refer to your RISING sign, not your Sun sign! Horoscopes are based on what houses of your chart you may be experiencing personal transits in, and houses are determined by your rising sign! 
  • If you don’t have safe people or spaces to be authentic around you may not have a lot of experience with your Sun sign. Your Sun sign may feel like the “unmasked” version of yourself, and it can feel really vulnerable to share them with others. This is totally normal, so be gentle with yourself as you explore your Sun sign. You may have to first practice “unmasking” and being vulnerable in your authenticity around yourself. Embracing your Sun sign can feel scary and intimidating! The more you show up authentically, however, the more likely you are to find others who appreciate you for who you are!
  • If you are young it is less likely that you will feel super connected to your Sun sign. As children we tend to present as our rising signs, particularly in school environments and around adults. Think back to moments when you felt like you were expansive and really thriving as a child, perhaps with a best friend, in a secret favorite place, playing a favorite game or reading a favorite book – it’s likely you were expressing your Sun sign in those moments of authenticity! Every year on your birthday, a.k.a. your solar return, you will integrate and grow a little bit more into your sun sign qualities.
  • If you have a challenging Sun placement or aspect you may have trouble connecting with your Sun sign. For example, if your Sun is in an intercepted sign (a sign with no house cusps touching it) it may be harder to connect with. You may need to do some shadow work or lean into that house’s ruling sign qualities in order to “unlock” your Sun sign. Or, for example, if your Sun is square your natal Saturn, you may feel a deep internal conflict between authentic self-expression and acting or behaving how you think you “should”. You may need to work closely with your Saturn sign to decrease obstacles in that area and integrate your Sun and Saturn with each other. Note that “challenging” does not mean “bad” – our challenges can bring us our greatest gifts too! 

The Sun Sign Dates:

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Gemini: May 21- June 21

Cancer: June 22- July 22

Leo: July 23 – August 22

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Libra: September 23 – October 23

Scorpio: October 24 – November 21

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Pisces: February 19 – March 20

The house in which you have your natal Sun is the area of your life where you might shine the most, might find it easiest to connect with your authentic self, or how you might need to be witnessed in your life.

1st House Themes: Identity, individuality, personality, motivation

2nd House Themes: Physical body, sensuality, values, worthiness

3rd House Themes: Communication, connection, curiosity, sharing the voice

4th House Themes: Home, family, healing, emotional connection

5th House Themes: Creativity, self-expression, play, pleasure

6th House Themes: Health, routine, ritual, being of service

7th House Themes: Relationships, business partnerships, social justice, the arts

8th House Themes: Shadows, transformation, sexuality, power

9th House Themes: Higher learning, spirituality and religion, freedom and travel, philosophy

10th House Themes: Career, public image, achievement and ambition, reputation

11th House Themes: Community, revolution, humanitarianism, innovation

12th House Themes: Subconscious, intuition, the liminal space, spirituality and retreat


Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Mars

People with their Sun in Aries tend to be fiery, passionate, and intense. They often have a blind self-confidence that allows them to act first, forge their own path, and lead others. They are decisive, straightforward, and honest, and have a strong will and sense of individuality. Their curiosity and courage gives them limitless drive. Aries are the masters of knowing what they want and going after it – even if they’re going to change their mind tomorrow!

An Aries Sun may feel most authentic and rejuvenated when they begin something new, go after what they want no matter the odds, and engage in some friendly competition!

Superpower: Authenticity and the courage and confidence to act!

Lesson: If an Aries Sun can learn patience, understand that their actions have consequences, and harness their bravery and drive for the benefit of others in addition to themselves, they become unstoppable!


Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus

People with their Sun in Taurus tend to be grounded, dependable, patient, and generous. They are determined, persistent, and methodical in their pursuits. Taurus Suns are often gifted in tangible, physical arts, and often have great aesthetic taste in their personal style or home decor. They can help others see the joy of existing in the human body and material world. They are effortless but powerful. 

A Taurus Sun may feel their most authentic when they are engaging their five senses, visiting a familiar place in nature, sharing physical touch with a loved one, or cooking and eating a delicious meal at home!

Superpower: The natural ability to create stability, comfort, and security in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways for themself or others!

Lesson: A Taurus Sun must learn to develop a strong sense of self-worth and find stability in themselves. If they can surrender attachment to and reliance on their material security, wealth, or vanity, they can attract abundance with total ease!


Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

People with their Sun in Gemini tend to be witty, intellectual, and inquisitive. They make friends easily and create connections wherever they go due to their social, chatty, gregarious, and genuine nature. They are open-minded and make great writers, speakers, teachers, and creatives. The pursuit of knowledge and fascination with the human experience is the main driving force for a Gemini Sun!

A Gemini Sun may feel their most authentic when they are following their curiosity down a Google rabbit hole, sharing fun facts and interests with others, or meeting new people!

Superpower: The ability to question the status quo, explain complex concepts, and bring people together through communication and connection!

Lesson: A Gemini Sun can get lost in their own minds and lose sight of the bigger picture, so remembering to merge their intellect with their emotions, heart, and body will lead to even greater satisfaction and connection!


Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: The Moon

People with their Sun in Cancer tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and kind. They are passionate, caring, and nurturing and make great healers and caregivers. They are extremely intuitive and perceptive of the emotions of others. Devotional, loving, and forgiving, Cancer Suns are capable of both great strength and great vulnerability. 

A Cancer Sun may feel their most authentic when they are hosting friends in their cozy home, getting emotionally invested in a great song, book or movie, or holding space for loved ones!

Superpower: To connect with others in nonverbal ways and show up in the world as a force of comfort, security, and vulnerability!

Lesson: A Cancer Sun can become easily overwhelmed and hide themself away. They must learn how to protect their sensitivity with greater self-awareness and healthy boundaries, allowing them to expand their capacity for love and acceptance even further than imagined!


Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: The Sun

People with their Sun in Leo tend to be larger than life! They are passionate, bold, exuberant, and enthusiastic. Leo Suns have big hearts, making them warm, affectionate, loyal and generous. They are motivated by the desire to be witnessed and love to entertain, perform, encourage, and inspire. They bring playfulness and joy to all they do!

A Leo Sun may feel their most authentic when flaunting a killer outfit, making a group of friends laugh with their great sense of humor, performing on stage, or cuddling with a loved one!

Superpower: Their creativity, self-expression, playfulness, and big heart!

Lesson: A Leo Sun can sometimes get caught up in their ego and become selfish, insecure, and short-sighted on their journey for love and acceptance from others. When they can open their big hearts to truly love all aspects of themselves and expand that unconditional love to others, they can unlock their ability to illuminate the whole world!


Element: Earth

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

People with their Sun in Virgo tend to be intellectual, logical, detail-oriented, and organized. They are loyal, sensitive, and deeply devoted friends and partners. Virgo Suns make great helpers, healers, and teachers, and are able to see the best in other people. Independent and great at providing for themselves, Virgo Suns show us what it really means to be both sovereign and of service!

A Virgo Sun may feel their most authentic when they are practicing nature-based magic, incorporating spirituality and ritual into their daily routine, or being of service!

Superpower: Finding practical solutions to the seemingly impossible, holding space for the most challenging of feelings, and showing others what it means to be whole!

Lesson: The mutable energy for Virgo Suns can manifest as overanalysis, anxiety, worry, self-criticism, self-judgment, and perfectionism. If they can learn true self-love and apply the same gentleness and care to themselves as they do others, they will grow even deeper into their spiritual connections and ability to love!


Element: Air

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Venus

People with their Sun in Libra tend to be charming, inclusive, cooperative, and outgoing. They have a keen eye for aesthetics and often make skilled artists. They are capable of holding opposing viewpoints, seeing all sides, and helping others find common ground. While diplomatic, they also have a strong sense of justice and are often active participants in social justice movements and defenders of the defenseless. They can be great creators of peace and help others feel loved and appreciated.

A Libra Sun may feel their most authentic when they are creating beautiful art, helping resolve an interpersonal problem, or deepening their connection in a relationship!

Superpower: Bringing balance and beauty into all they do, seeing the inherent value and beauty in others, and finding what makes life worth living!

Lesson: While trying to keep the peace and experience harmony both externally and internally, Libra Suns can struggle with people-pleasing and avoid diving below the surface level of their own thoughts and feelings. If they can face their fears and look deep within themselves, they can find the path to true inner peace and the source of their great strength and love!


Element: Water

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Pluto

People with their Sun in Scorpio tend to be mysterious, intense, magnetic, and passionate. They are strong-willed, competitive, and fiercely loyal. Scorpio Suns can be intensely emotional, which can also make them great friends to have around when we need someone who is not afraid to hold space for our own depth of feeling. Scorpio Suns can help others become more self-aware, less afraid of their shadows, and more willing to expand beyond their comfort zones.

A Scorpio Sun may feel their most authentic when 

Superpower: Deep emotions, powerful intuition, and the ability to transform fear into courage, weakness into power, and hate into love!

Lesson: Scorpio Suns are gifted with the great responsibility of seeing into the darkest depths of human the human experience, and this can be too much for even them sometimes. They can turn away from their own shadows which can lead to struggles with fear, control, envy, and repression. If they can face the depths with courage and surrender control, they can make their way through the most intense emotional experiences and find the inner wisdom and strength that is on the other side.


Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

People with their Sun in Sagittarius tend to be adventurous, open-minded, expansive, and free-spirited. They are optimistic, enthusiastic, humorous, and trusting. They help others question their limiting beliefs and believe in themselves. With a thirst for knowledge, Sagittarius Suns can become great scholars and philosophers, learning from both traditional academia and their passion for new experiences. The Sagittarius Sun’s ultimate goal is to gain wisdom and understand the meaning of life.

A Sagittarius Sun may feel their most authentic when exploring a new place, engaging with different beliefs and cultures, and practicing mediation or yoga!

Superpower: Willingness to explore into the unknown, to make mistakes, to push beyond their comfort zone and limitations, and to ask “why?”.

Lesson: The Sagittarius Sun’s zealousness, immediate trust in others, and constant seeking can lead to problems and harm. They can be taken advantage of, become dogmatic and stuck in their beliefs, or become restless and unsatisfied. If the Sagittarius Sun can develop healthy skepticism, discernment, and discipline, they will be far more successful, satisfied, and inspired on their journey to enlightenment!


Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Saturn

People with their Sun in Capricorn tend to be wise, disciplined, persistent, and ambitious. They are patient, reliable, intentional, and impeccable with their word. They are natural leaders with the ability to ground themselves in practicality and accomplish enormous goals, one step at a time. While they almost always present themselves with incredible composure, Capricorn Suns also have an artistic, humorous, devoted, and silly side to their personalities. They are the embodiment of integrity.

A Capricorn Sun may feel their most authentic when spending quality alone time with a good book, brainstorming solutions to big problems and planning a course of action, or being acknowledged and appreciated for their hard work!

Superpower: Strong-will, strong self-discipline, and the ability to face obstacles head on!

Lesson: When a Capricorn Sun loses sight of the big picture and becomes too much of a workaholic, they can become overly focused on power, control, and status. If they can cultivate a healthy inner life, connect with their values and heart, and bring their authentic selves into their public personas, they are capable of accomplishing major feats for the benefit of society! 


Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Uranus

People with their Sun in Aquarius tend to be intellectual, creative, conceptual, and eccentric. They are future-minded and unconventional, making them great visionaries and inventors. Rebellious in nature, Aquarius Suns can be great defenders of the oppressed and architects of humanity. They are skilled connectors and community builders, celebrating the qualities of each unique individual and bringing people together under a shared vision.

An Aquarius Sun may feel their most authentic when they are working with community activism projects, inventing something new, or forming a niche club!

Superpower: Helping others embrace their own unique, weird, and authentic selves!

Lesson: Aquarius Suns can sometimes lose themselves in the bigger picture, becoming aloof or cold as they struggle to connect with individuals. If they can open their hearts and embrace intimacy they are able to find the deeper understanding of humanity and freedom that they are looking for.


Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Neptune

People with their Sun in Pisces tend to be intuitive, spiritual, mystical, and dreamy. They are deeply connected to source energy and can bring it back to Earth with their great artistic talents in things like poetry and music. Pisces Suns are deeply empathetic and can help others feel validated, seen, and understood. They see the soul behind every person and have an incredible capacity for forgiveness and love.

A Pisces Sun may feel their most authentic when they are creating heart-filled art, when they learn how to channel their intuitive and psychic abilities to help others, and when they make sure they get enough food and sleep!

Superpower: Unconditional love capable of dissolving barriers and breaking down walls!
Lesson: Because Pisces Suns are so empathetic, sometimes the world can feel very heavy on their hearts, making them want to escape. They can also struggle with losing their sense of self in other people and becoming the martyr in relationships. If a Pisces Sun can develop a strong sense of self-worth, set healthy energetic and emotional boundaries, and stay grounded to their physical selves, they are capable of exploring spirituality and sharing love to even greater depths!

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