Finding Your Inner Fire: How to work with Aries Energy

Finding Your Inner Fire: How to work with Aries Energy

Under the radiant influence of the sun in Aries, the element of FIRE blazes with significance. Aries, governed by Mars, the revered God of War, infuses us with cosmic fuel, urging us to explore the depths of our passions and purpose. To delve deeper into this celestial energy, let’s explore the Shamanic Astrology archetype of Aries.

According to Shamanic astrology, Aries poses a pivotal question: “What is the nature of the righteous and just cause, the noble cause worth fighting for?” This inquiry ignites a flame within, compelling us to seek out endeavors that resonate with our soul’s calling.

Healthy Aries energy embodies joy, pleasure, and vitality. As the fearless trailblazer of the zodiac, Aries is not confined by societal norms but rather driven by a profound sense of mission. Spontaneous and intuitive, individuals under this sign act with conviction to advance causes they deem worthy.

Even if Aries doesn’t dominate your astrological chart, you can still uncover its influence by examining the house it rules in your chart. (You can obtain your free chart on

How to Work With Mars In Your Chart to Find Your Fire

Your Mars sign is responsible for two major aspects of your psyche and personality. On one hand, it represents your ability to assert yourself. On the other hand, it describes your capacity to strategically pursue a goal.

From a psychology perspective, the placement of Mars in your chart governs how you express anger, define your boundaries with others and how you activate your drive and desires. 

Every single one of us has something that drives us, that we desire- something that inspires and ignites us into action. For some of us it’s obvious, for others, it’s less so- but either way they’re there. 

Mars representing your energy and drive, also shows how the warrior spirit in you manifests. Mars is how we “cut through the bullshit” and how we stand up for ourself and accepts the validity of our true desires. If we feel taken advantage of, controlled, undervalued or underappreciated, we may what to check in on what our Mars needs from us and where it is in our chart. 

By understanding the qualities of your Mars sign and the House (aka what area of your chart the planet is located in) it is you can understand your cosmic superpowers of the kinds of things that energize you, excite you and push you forward in life. You can learn how to take control of your energy and drive so you can use them to your advantage. WHen you know how to work, stoke and manage your energy, you know how to harness it to have more energy, to get more done and to be more active in your life. 

Mars in astrology also governs being assertive, standing up for your self and what you want- and what you need to get after it. Mars doesn’t need permission. This gives Mars in your chart a pioneering spirit- and through your Mars is how you blaze new trails in your life. 

It also can show you what triggers you into taking action, how effective you are in doing so and what you are hardwired to pursue. Learning and getting to know your placement is how you get into touch with your passion, your courage, your initiative- aka your INNER FIRE. This is like your rocket fuel. Mars is what makes you say: GO!

(It’s also how you are likely to express yourself on a sexual level. Ow ow!)

Finding Your Fire May Feel Like:

  • Tapping into sacred rage
  • Asserting boundaries
  • Embracing your inner warrior
  • Cultivating trust, courage, and clarity
  • Committing to noble causes
  • Championing change
  • Embracing individuality
  • Upholding cosmic order
  • Releasing shame
  • Embracing joy and healthy competition
  • “I can and I will. Just watch me.”
  • Allowing yourself to be seen and heard

Embrace the power or Aries energy and channel your fire!

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