The Astrology of P Diddy

The Astrology of P Diddy

P. Diddy Abuse Allegations and Homeland Security Raid on the Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

What happened?

On Monday, March 25th, federal agents and Homeland Security Investigations agents simultaneously raided the Los Angelos and Miami homes of Sean Combs, aka P Diddy. These raids are following several accusations and civil lawsuits filed over the last few months claiming Combs was the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse against several women (including Casandra Elizabeth Ventura, a.k.a. R&B icon Cassie) and one man (music producer Rodney Jones Jr., who produced nine tracks on Combs’s new grammy-nominated album, The Love Album.)

A coordinated raid on this level indicates that a criminal investigation has been happening behind the scenes for some time, and that investigators were looking for physical evidence to corroborate suspicions of criminality. Due to the involvement of Homeland Security and the nature of the recent civil suit allegations, many believe that federal agents may suspect Combs of being involved in sex trafficking.  

What do the stars say?

Astrologically, these events are surrounded by one overarching theme: karma. March 25th was the day of the penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra. Eclipses can bring us closer to our karmic lessons and soul’s purposes on a personal and collective level, often at a time-warp speed. This can be uncomfortable, bumpy, and chaotic! Libra is the sign of relationships, governing the interpersonal, but is also the sign associated with justice and the balancing of scales – what goes around comes around. Libra is usually firm but kind when bringing justice forward – the eclipse may be moving too fast for kindness!

This lunar eclipse in Libra fell within 2 degrees of Combs’s natal Uranus placement. Uranus can rule revolutionary energy and big shakeups, especially around one’s community. This may be indicating that this part of the story may include the community beyond Combs, possibly including his record label and inner circle, and possibly extending out to the hip-hop or music industry as whole. 

Pluto is currently in Aquarius, which is calling for a collective reckoning with values, actions, and karma in Hollywood. Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, the unknown and the hidden. Pluto in Aquarius is a period of revolution, progress and freedom, giving power back to the people, and revealing that which is hidden. The Pluto in Aquarius transit was just conjunct Combs’s natal Mars, which may be calling for a karmic reckoning on his ambition and asking him to reconsider and transform what it is that drives him in his life.

What’s next?

A few more key transits will be occurring in the next few weeks that will likely bring new revelations as well. Uranus will be transiting Combs’s natal Saturn, and Saturn will be transiting Combs’s natal North Node. This could indicate disruptions to his status quo, consequences of actions catching up to him, and a forceful push toward alignment with the lessons and responsibilities of his natal Saturn. This karmic catch-up process will continue in January of 2025 when Combs will have his nodal return. This means the North Node will be in the same sign as his natal North Node of Pisces, inviting him to refocus on his soul’s purpose in this lifetime which may include a shift toward spirituality and a reinvention of how his innate creativity can serve the collective.

For now, we will have to wait and see what information may have been gathered during the raids, how these civil lawsuits will play out, and if any further charges will be brought against Combs. In the meantime, I’m going to ride out the rest of eclipse season listening to Cassie’s self-titled, banger of an album from 2008. Ten year old me still remembers all the words, and this time I’ll listen and sing along thinking of Cassie and the other alleged victims.

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