The Beef: Kendrick Lamar and Drake

The Beef: Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Things have been a little spicy out there, folks!

Rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been feuding in a very public way. Their rocky relationship began in August of 2013. After a series of successful collaborations, Lamar started burning some bridges with lyrical criticism of Drake. Since then, their feud has ebbed and flowed in the public eye, until recently when it heated up in March.

Over a series of four weeks the rappers have released nine diss tracks back and forth with one another, trading some serious allegations along the way. Drake has accused Lamar of domestic abuse and made light of the child abuse Lamar raps about in his song “Mother I Sober”. Lamar has accused Drake of grooming and paedophilia, as well as having a second secret child. Both try to call one another out for misogyny while using women as weapons against one another. 

There has been a long history of feuds in the hip-hop and rap world, one of the most notorious ending in the murders of both Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.. What makes this one different from others that have come before? The rate at which they are replying to one another is unprecedented, and the scale of the audience is enormous. Both artists have huge, global followings and are using social media to wage their war against one another. This internet presence and conversation amongst fans is making this feud more visible and accessible than any before. One of Lamar’s diss tracks was even used recently in a campaign video for President Biden. 

But as we’ve seen with previous feuds, things can get violent and dangerous. It is unclear still if these events were linked to the feud or not, but Drake’s Toronto home has seen three separate intruders and the shooting injury of a security guard. Even if the artists themselves would not escalate to violence, a narrative at this large of a scale has the potential to cause fans to act out on behalf of their “team” as well.

Perhaps being lost in the entertainment of it all are the truly serious allegations being passed around, and the women and children at heart of these alleged crimes.

What do the stars have to say about all this?

Drake, the Scorpio who is such a Scorpio he named an album after his zodiac sign, and Kendrick, aka “K-Dot the Gemini”, are back at it again with some headline-making beef. There are a million hot-takes about it on the internet- but, ofc, we want to know: what does astrology say about it?

And here is the Kendrick v Drake astrological timeline: 

  • March 22: leading up to the official “battle” Kendrick took a shot at Drake in a verse on “Like That.” This drops just two days before a lunar eclipse in Libra, which is Kendrick’s rising sign. Like eclipses are wont to do, it kicked off the cosmic chaos…
  • April 13: Push Ups is leaked and the rap battle is official. This was right after the Aries Total Solar Eclipse. Aries is the sign of the (sometimes hot-headed) warrior and can definitely add fuel to the fire. (Fun fact: Drake was actually born right after an eclipse in Aries and he is currently in his Nodal Return in Aries!)
  • April 19: Drake released Taylor Made Freestyle with the AI Tupac and Snoop. Mercury was retrograde conjoining Venus that day, and he ended up having to take it down…
  • New moon on may 8 conjunct his mc opposite his venus then sun venus join uranus jupiter opposite his 4h mercury
  • Pluto entered 7h- tsquare between 7h pluto and his 4h sun and mercury in 10h

Drake’s Birth Chart Transits

Drake was born on October 24, 1986 at 2:31 AM in Toronto, Ontario. He is a Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, and Leo Rising.

Drake just went through his Nodal return this spring, when the North Node was conjunct his natal North Node in Aries. The North Node is the birth chart indicator of your soul’s karmic purpose in this lifetime – what you are here to learn and who you are here to grow into over the course of your life. The Nodal return, which happens roughly every 18 years, is a time when the Universe is checking up on your progress. It is asking you to get real with yourself, to seriously clear your shadows, and start living in alignment. 

Supercharging this nodal return was the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th, 2024. Eclipses can be chaotic times because they are shifting our timelines into more alignment on superspeed – sometimes that can look like an abundance of blessings all at one time, sometimes that can look like everything around us falling apart all at once. 

This nodal return and solar eclipse asked Drake to channel more of his Aries energy. He is being called to move away from people-pleasing or any efforts to remain palatable to everyone. He is being called to step into his own independent authenticity and really forge his own path. Where he is out of alignment with his values, his purpose, or his authenticity, he may face some karmic reckoning (which could be arriving in the form of Kendrick Lamar).

The asteroid Chiron is also transiting Drake’s natal North Node in Aries. Chiron is the indicator of our core wounds and life lessons. The Chiron transit conjunct the natal North Node brings up those deep core wounds and asks you to work on them in the name of purpose. This transit is telling Drake that he cannot move forward toward his purpose until he turns inward and begins to heal himself. Drake’s Chiron is in Gemini in the 10th House, which could indicate fears around being misunderstood or ignored publicly. He is being asked to face these fears, clear his shadows, and embrace his authentic self regardless of external opinions or criticism.

Another major transit this Spring, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, was conjunct Drake’s Midheaven. This conjunction marks a new chapter for all of us collectively. We are being asked to expand and transform beyond our comfort zones. For Drake, this conjunction happening directly on his Midheaven is indicating that he is entering a new era in his career and public image. Uranus transits over the Midheaven can indicate scandals, destabilization of the public image, and a falling from grace in the public eye. While the destabilization process may not be exactly positive, with Jupiter there as well, Drake could get very lucky at some point or at least expand and grow from the experience in a very positive way.

Drake’s natal Jupiter is in Pisces, and the transiting Saturn and Venus are both moving through a conjunction with his Jupiter this spring. This could be asking Drake to get realigned with his values, connect more deeply with his spirituality, and develop a greater sense of self-discipline and accountability as he expands and grows.

Lastly, Mars is transiting Drake’s Descendant in Aquarius. The descendant can represent another person, and Mars can represent fighting or conflict – so this may literally be indicating that Drake is being faced with an opponent. Drake is being forced to address how he deals with conflict. Aquarius may want to stay aloof and distant from the conflict and the opponent. But the most heartfelt version of Mars in Aquarius is really asking Drake, “what do you stand for in the world? What and who do you fight for?”

Kendrick Lamar’s Birth Chart Transits

Kendrick Lamar was born on June 17th, 1987, at 3:04 pm in Compton, California. He is a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, and Libra Rising.

The planet Jupiter is currently transiting conjunct Lamar’s natal Chiron in Gemini in the 8th House. Any transit over Chiron asks you to revisit your core wounds and most challenging shadows and to learn how to heal yourself deeper. The Jupiter transit over Chiron is also asking Lamar to look at the bigger picture. There is a readiness and an optimism to face his shadows directly. How do his wounds fit into his life story? How do his wounds fit into the story of his community and culture? And how can he use his wounds to expand himself and heal others? Chiron in Gemini can struggle with feeling misunderstood at their core, like they can never fully or truly express themselves, or like their voice doesn’t matter to anyone. This feud with Drake may have been calling Lamar to face his own insecurities and shadows more head on, and this Jupiter transit may finally be giving him the grace and release to truly turn inward and expand his empathy outward.

The Jupiter transit is also forming a direct opposition with Lamar’s natal Uranus in Sagittarius in the 3rd House. This aspect creates a lot of internal pressure and ungrounded restlessness. Lamar may be feeling a major desire for more freedom, growth, and space. There may be a relentless desire to rebel against any perceived limitation, whether that be labels, friendships, communities, homes, reputations, or more. Actions can get a little reckless at this time in the pursuit of freedom. Jupiter may be calling for expansion to come from a disruption or change in the means with which Lamar expresses himself. Perhaps this will herald a new era of music for Lamar, or a different form of artistic expression altogether. 

Lastly, Chiron is directly conjunct Lamar’s Descendant and natal Jupiter in Aries. For him, this other person is showing up as a mirror of his core wounds and insecurities facing back at him. (And it makes sense that this Descendant is in Aries, when Drake is being called to really step into his Aries energy). Chiron is asking Lamar, “How can your wounds teach you to step into your own person? How far can you grow into yourself, and who can you uplift on the journey?”

Drake and Lamar’s Birth Chart Synastry

Synastry is the tool of layering two birth charts on top of one another and analyzing the aspects formed between the two charts. It can show how two people may get along, where they may push each other’s buttons or uplift each other. Below are some of the most significant or exact aspects between the two charts.

Kendrick’s Moon in Pisces is Trine Drake’s Venus in Scorpio

This trine aspect shows potential for a very smooth and collaborative relationship between Lamar and Drake. Kendrick could feel emotionally seen and supported by Drake, and Drake could deeply understand and naturally work well with Lamar’s emotional experiences. This aspect can lead to a collaboration of creativity and harmony. 

Mars/Moon Showdown: Kendrick’s Mars in Cancer is Conjunct Drake’s Moon in Cancer

The first thing that stands out about how their charts interact with each other is how Kendrick’s Mars is right on Drake’s moon in Cancer. Mars is the God of War and the moon is the sensitive side of Drake, so off the jump, we know that they have a deep energy clash.

It’s like Kendrick has a heat-seeking missile for Drake’s most sensitive parts. Mars is known to be in “fall” in Cancer which often times is misunderstood as weak… but the truth couldn’t be any further: Mars in Cancer can be quite explosive and has an emotional intelligence that can act as a cunning battle strategy.

This conjunction could create an energetic clash between Mars’s drive and ambition and the Moon’s emotional, receptive energy. Drake’s emotions may feel more sensitive, private, and sacred or subconscious – out of reach of his public life in some ways. Meanwhile, Lamar may use his emotions as his fuel for outward expression. His Moon is in Pisces in the 5th House, the house of creativity and performance. His Mercury is also conjunct with his Mars in Cancer, making it much easier for him to speak on and voice his energetic and emotional experiences. Despite still being highly emotional and sensitive, Lamar may not shy away from his emotions in the same way as Drake. This difference between the two could cause conflict as Lamar could grow frustrated with how Drake handles his emotional experiences, and Drake could grow uncomfortable around Lamar’s emotional openness.

In addition, Lamar’s allegations around Drake having a secret second child could hit Drake where he is most sensitive – right on his Moon in Cancer, the sign of family and home life. 

Kendrick’s Pluto in Scorpio is Square Drake’s Mars in Aquarius

This is a challenging aspect between two very energetic planets in two very fixed signs. Pluto in Scorpio – in Lamar’s 1st House of identity and self, no less – wants to dig really deep. Lamar may desire intense and transformative relationships with others, and may connect his identity to his ability to speak truth, face fears, and reveal the secret or unknown. Pluto in Scorpio can struggle with power or control issues. Drake’s Mars in Aquarius in the 6th House could certainly motivate him to be someone who shakes things up and innovates, but it is rarely going to reach the depth that Pluto in Scorpio desires. Mars in Aquarius is sourcing motivation from intellectual understanding, research, and reason. Pluto in Scorpio is asking for deep connection with emotions, the body, and the subconscious. Pluto in Scorpio wants connection past discomfort – Mars in Aquarius wants independence and disconnection. These two placements may really struggle to communicate or find common ground and could trigger a lot of frustration and shadows in one another, particularly in Lamar.

Kendrick’s Moon in Pisces is Square Drake’s Uranus in Sagittarius

Here is another challenging aspect between the two charts. Drake’s Uranus in Sagittarius in the 4th House gives him an optimism and expansiveness around what stability and growth mean to him. He has the capacity for a deep spirituality that is also comfortable, private, and light-hearted. He may be fiercely independent, willing to try new things regardless of others opinions, and face the world with a lot of “lucky girl” energy. Meanwhile, Lamar’s Moon in Pisces may feel a level of deep jealousy toward Drake’s Uranus in Sagittarius. Also very intuitive, spiritual, and transcendent, the Moon in Pisces can struggle to feel connected to this world and earthly realm and may feel deeply jealous of the ease with which Uranus in Sagittarius moves through the world while integrating spirituality. Moon in Pisces sees what it is capable of if it can ground down to earth effectively, but feels jealous because that reality feels so far away. Moon in Pisces placements can also struggle with feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders and absorbing the energies of those around them. This could make a Moon in Pisces jealous of Uranus in Sagittarius’s ability to ignore other energies and brush off negativity or worry.

Kendrick’s Venus in Gemini is Opposite Drake’s Saturn in Sagittarius

This opposition between Gemini and Sagittarius, Venus and Saturn, is one that could create a lot of insecurity in the Venus placement. This aspect could make Lamar feel judged by Drake, like his artistic pursuits are somehow frivolous, like he lacks a level of expansion, or like he is simply being looked down upon. Lamar’s own Saturn is in Sagittarius as well, so feeling this opposition so intensely with Drake could mirror a lot of Lamar’s own inner critic and insecurities around success, career, seriousness and discipline back at him. Saturn in Sagittarius also risks becoming preachy, deciding on a dogma or way of moving through life and imposing it on others, which could deeply frustrate Lamar’s Venus in Gemini’s desire for open-mindedness and fun. Like listening to advice from a domineering parent, any true expression of love or care gets lost in the preaching tone and the receiver’s rebellious response. Regardless of intention, Drake’s energy and way of being triggers a lot of Lamar’s own insecurities, self-criticisms, and fears.

We can’t say who “won” this feud but we do it was written in the stars.