Your Full Moon In Scorpio Message

Your Full Moon In Scorpio Message

The year’s most intense full moon (besides the eclipse, of course) arrives April 23rd, in passionate Scorpio.
Hot on the heels of the recent eclipses, this powerhouse lunation is urging us to reclaim our power and purge pent-up emotions.

Think back to the Scorpio New Moon last November (around November 13th). What themes emerged then?

This full moon marks a culmination, a powerful shedding of the past, and a rebirth into a more empowered you. The intensity stems from a cosmic tug-of-war — a T-square between the Sun, Moon, and Pluto. The Taurus sun craves stability, while the Scorpio moon yearns for transformation, even if it means confronting some darkness. And adding fuel to the fire is drumroll Pluto in Aquarius. Nobody alive today has ever experienced Pluto in Aquarius, so it’s a completely new energy for us all, pushing us to let go of outdated ways of being. Can you transform this challenge into a catalyst for growth? Can you allow the old to (metaphorically) die to make space for the new? This “new way” might feel uncomfortable, but this Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to purge, transform, and create space for something brand new.

Let go of the dying parts within to make room for the powerful, empowered you ready to emerge.

Aries: Rekindling intimacy.
Taurus: Relationship changes.
Gemini: Revelations around support.
Cancer: Changes to where you live.
Leo: Remembering you are a force for good.
Virgo: Creative downloads.
Libra: Changes in your finances.
Scorpio: Redefining your personal image.
Sagittarius: Shifts in your spiritual practices.
Capricorn: New ideas.
Aquarius: Career changes.
Pisces: Closing out old perspectives.

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